About ImmunArray




SCIENION offers complete solutions for precise liquid dispensing applications, multiplex assays and high throughput production of microarrays in diagnostics, life and material sciences.

SCIENION is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 for the development, manufacture and sales of dispensing systems and microarrays and to ISO 13485:2003 for manufacture and distribution of microarrays and installation / service of microarray production systems for use in genomics, proteomics and glycomics.

SCIENION is proud to be a partner in manufacturing equipment for ImmunArray’s innovative diagnostic kits.

SCIENION is your first choice for precise and scalable solutions for multiplex-capable lateral flow rapid tests, microfluidics, biosensors, biochips.

SCIENION is proud to be the production partner for ImmunArray’s innovative diagnostic kits. Meeting the challenges of rapidly growing global demand for a variety of assay chips is accomplished via good partner relationships and our capability to deploy and support manufacturing systems worldwide.


QuesGen provides data management and study resources to organizations, with their current primary focus on TBI and brain health. QuesGen is working with Track-TBI (11 medical centers across the US), CENTER-TBI (72 centers across Europe), CENTER-TBI/China (40 centers in China), CARE (Prospective TBI study in 30,000 college athletes) and many others. They are expanding services to other organizations with large study requirements and “Big Data” analytic needs.


VERACIS, the wholly owned subsidiary of ImmunArray USA has outsourced our billing and collections to eReceivables, a partner with over 25 years of billing experience, and a company who can back up that billing experience with a patented automated appeals process to pursue claims if initially denied by the payers. The management team of this partner comes from the payer side of the business and since they have run health plans they understand how health plans make decisions, how payers organize and staff, and they understand the benefit plans payers have for the patients. Our partner uses their knowledge of the payers’ appeals process to benefit VERACIS and the patient and their physicians. Their key strengths and technology support providing the information and processes to support the payer to pay the claim. This keeps the patient from having to be involved as they work with their physician providers and is a key objective, consistent with VERACIS’ values.