Quanterix and ImmunArray Teaming Up to Address Neurodegenerative Disease

Quanterix gains access to ImmunArray brain injury biomarker portfolio and ImmunArray gains access to Quanterix state of the art digital biomarker technology

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ImmunArray Expanding Research and Clinical Momentum on TBI Front

Molecular diagnostic company’s research into blood-based diagnosis of traumatic brain injury presented at national conferences

 Richmond, Va., July 18, 2016 – Clinical research into ways in which blood-based biomarkers can provide precise and timely diagnosis of traumatic brain injury (TBI) is leading to encouraging results, with some studies resulting in a diagnosis with more than 95 percent sensitivity and specificity.

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Private Investment Group Leads $10 Million B Funding Round in ImmunArray

Exigent announces investment in molecular diagnostic company during visit by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel and Richmond, Va., July 12, 2016 – ImmunArray, a molecular diagnostic company co-headquartered in Rehovot, Israel and Richmond, Virginia, whose novel blood tests are pioneering new and more accurate ways to diagnose autoimmune diseases such as lupus as well as traumatic brain injury (TBI), announced a Series B investment led by Exigent, a private investment firm.

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Experienced Diagnostic Executive Named to ImmunArray Board

Dick Aderman brings 35 years of diagnostics and healthcare
experience to company board

Rehovot, Israel and Richmond, Va., May 2, 2016 – Dick Aderman, the president and CEO of HYCOR Biomedical whose career in the business side of diagnostics and healthcare spans almost four decades, has been named to the board of directors of ImmunArray, a private molecular diagnostics company co-headquartered in Rehovot, Israel and Richmond, Virginia.

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New Lupus Rule-Out Test Broadening Availability

Progress on company’s blood test for Traumatic Brain Injury also moving ahead with encouraging results.

Rehovot, Israel and Richmond, Va., Dec.

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